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Shrub Trimming | Mulch & Bed Cleanup

Shrub Trimming | Mulch and Bed Cleanup | Lewisville Lawn Care

This service is only available to our lawn mowing clients

Our labor rate is $46.50 per man-hour, plus a $20 trip charge. Clients who enroll in our automatic shrub trimming & clean-up service are not subject to the $20 trip charge.

Partial hours are billed by 5 minute increments, so if our crew finishes in under an hour, you don’t have to pay for the full hour. Normally, we run a two-man crew, so please bear in mind, a two-man crew does bill at $93.00 per hour. We never run a three-man crew. It is always a two-man crew unless someone is absent, in which case, it is a one-man crew.

With automatic shrub trimming and clean-up, we automatically send our shrub crew out 2 to 3 times per year to trim the shrubs, clean the beds and clean the winter leaves. Please feel free to call for additional visits at any time, it is never a problem. As long as you are enrolled in the automatic program, you never pay the $20 trip charge.

We are glad to bring fresh cedar mulch for your landscape beds. The charge for the mulch is the lesser of a $60 delivery fee and $3.85 per bag OR $5.85 per bag with no delivery fee. The break point is 30 bags, so if we go over 30 bags, you pay the delivery fee and $3.85 per bag. Each bag is 2 cubic feet of mulch.

Shrub Trimming
Our shrub crew is equipped with the right tools for the job.  Our shrub crew carries chain saws, chippers, pole saws, articulating hedge trimmers and lots of other specialized equipment.

Waste Disposal
When we trim your shrubs and trees, we will run all the branches and limbs through our chipper.  The chipped material is bagged into 30 gallon trash bags and left by the curb for trash pick up.  Larger logs will be cut to firewood length and either stacked on your firewood pile (at your request) or placed by the curb for trash pick up.

In Flower Mound, large trash pick up only occurs twice a month.  If you would like us to remove the debris, as opposed to leaving it by the curb, there is a disposal fee of $4 per 30 gallon trash bag.

It Isn’t Rocket Science, But It Is Science
As a homeowner, you should give careful consideration to which company you hire to trim your shrubs and prune your trees.  Improper pruning cuts can leave wounds that may never heal.  If the wound doesn’t heal, eventually boring insects will enter the plant and kill it.  We’ve trained our shrub crew in the proper pruning techniques to avoid creating non-healing wounds.

How Long Will The Beds Stay Clean?
Our mulch and bed clean up service consists of cutting and spraying all weeds and installing new mulch to a 3” depth.  Please realize that cleaning the beds once is only a temporary fix.  Weeds are always germinating and it is impossible to remove all the roots in our clay soils, so the beds may be weedy just a few weeks after they are cleaned.

If you would like us to control the weeds in the beds, please inquire about our bed weed control service.

We monitor complaints very closely. Our two-man shrub crew does very good work and we do get some clients who go out of their way to call and let us know how pleased they are. If you are not happy with the work our crew does, please call the office to discuss.

It is rare that we get complaints on the work this crew does and we suspect most complaints are function of price and not quality. Between 2014 & 2015, our shrub crew did 1,864 clean-ups and generated a total of 27 complaints, a record we are very proud of.

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