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Fire Ant Control

Flower Mound Lawn Mowing

Our fire ant control product is applied twice a year to the entire landscape.  The active ingredient is tracked back to the colony by worker ants.  Large mounds may take up to six weeks to die.  But once the fire ants are gone, it’s unlikely you will see another mound.

Fire ants are attracted to landscape lighting because its warm.  If you notice a new colony around one of your lights, leave it alone.  Do not go back to using the baits or white powders.  That will only make things worse.  The new colony will die as soon as the worker ants have tracked enough of the material back to the den.

Our experience has been that most landscapes will not see new mounds.  For the few landscapes that have had new colonies, the colonies have always died within two or three weeks of being noticed.

Is It Dangerous?
The active ingredient that we apply to your lawn is the same active ingredient found in Frontline.  Frontline is the flea and tick product that the veterinarian applies directly to the back of your cat or dog.  We apply less active ingredient to your entire landscape than the veterinarian would apply to a small dog or cat.

You can allow your pets and children to play on the landscape following application without any danger.

Most lawns are $69 twice per year.  Larger lawns are more.

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